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Hi, I'm Kate!

As someone who grew up struggling with cystic acne, makeup became very important to me at a young age. What started as a means to cover my imperfections slowly evolved into a way to feel confident about myself. I wanted to share that gift with others and that's why I'm here!

I like to keep it simple - radiant, healthy looking skin with a soft glow and classic elements to enhance my clients' natural beauty. Remember, timeless always outlives trend! I love to put an emphasis on your best feature whether it's doe eyes, mile high cheekbones or plump lips. 

With years of freelance experience, a background in fine arts and features in notable bridal publications, I've got the tools and the knowledge to make you look and feel great! 

My business motto is "If you can put it on your face, you can pull it off" and baby, I got you!


When I'm not beautifying, you can find me serving up craft beer at Bazil's, enjoying the local restaurants, walking my German Shepherd, Luna, or snuggling my two cats, Jack and Jade. I enjoy true crime TV shows and podcasts and killing houseplants.

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