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You've got questions, I've got answers.

Q: Why do I need to hire a professional makeup artist for my wedding day?

Would you ask your aunt who works as a nurse to cater the food for 250 people on your wedding day? If you're hiring a professional vendor for every other aspect of the big day, why would you leave the makeup to chance or do it yourself? Makeup is a luxury experience to help you feel pampered on your wedding day and give you confidence that you will look flawless in front of the camera. Your photos will last a lifetime and you deserve to look and feel your best in them. A professional makeup artist will get you there!

Q: Do you provide hair services?

I do not provide any hair services outside of light curls for boudoir photography. Trust me, you wouldn't want me anywhere near your hair so, that's why I stick to what I know!

Q: Why does "just makeup" cost so much?

When hiring a professional, services will come at a cost. But, that cost is reflected in the knowledge, experience and professionalism of the person you're hiring. Chances are, the lower the price, the lower the quality you will receive and why would you want to skimp out on one of the biggest days of your life? A professional artist will be insured, protecting both the artist and the client, will have invested in high quality products for their kit and furthering education to stay up to date on makeup application techniques and sanitation.

Q: Do you come to me?

Yes! I provide all of my bridal services on site to make things as easy as possible on the bride and to ensure a luxurious experience for you and your party. I typically work in hotels, the wedding venue bridal suite or a client's home. I am always happy to come to you for your big day!


For smaller events such as engagement photos, senior portraits, prom/homecoming or bridal trials, I perform them in my studio located in the heart of downtown Appleton.

Q: What is your style?

I like to think I've coined the phrase for my style as "glowy and hoe-y"! All jokes aside, I love to create a healthy, youthful glow on the skin. Nothing says blushing bride like a beautiful glow from within. I prefer to use powders sparingly for a majority of my clients unless they have very oily skin...then I let their natural oils do the work for me! One look at my portfolio will show you that my aesthetic is very far from the trendy Insta-Glam look with carved brows, cut crease shadow and bright triangles of concealer. I want your bridal look to be timeless, not trendy. I've had clients who wear chapstick and mascara to women who wear a full face everyday; I'll customize every look and tailor it to your comfort level with makeup.

Q: What brand of makeup do you use?

This is hands down my most frequently asked question and the answer is simple. I don't use one brand. I'm not part of an MLM trying to make a sales quota each month or hosting parties for free gifts. I scour the market (consumer and professional) to find makeup products that I like, that fit my style and hold up under various conditions that the world of bridal brings. I have a few favorites that you'll find in my kit but one brand does not dominate my bag. 

Q: Do you have airbrush foundation?

Yes, I do. I offer both airbrush and traditional as both methods can have the same result and longevity when applied properly. I find that airbrush is more transfer resistant and is my favorite to use on the bride and mothers as they will be doing a majority of the crying and hugging on the wedding day. There is no cost difference if foundation is applied traditionally and the decision is left up to the artist to determine which method is best for each client.

Q: I have skin issues. Can you cover that?

As someone who grew up with cystic acne, I can assure you that I've got plenty of experience with covering up skin issues. I live for a good before and after post showing effortless coverage of acne, rosacea and other conditions. There are a few before and after shots peppered into my Instagram feed and I am always happy to discuss your concerns before booking if you're uneasy about having your makeup done. I always recommend seeing a dermatologist and/or esthetician to get your skin in check before weddings!

Q: What if I just want my eyes or only foundation done?

I do not provide partial services. I want your look to be cohesive and professionally done so you and/or your party feel their best on the big day. Full services ensure that you will look your best all day long and that products will mesh well together!

Q: Why won't you use my makeup?

I stock an entire kit of professional makeup, so all you need to bring is yourself! My variety of products are camera and flash-friendly, so you never have to worry about a Flashback Mary moment like some of the "beauty gurus" we don't mention around here. More than ever with a pandemic under our belts, sanitation and proper hygiene are a necessity when performing makeup services. Products are sanitized and packaging wiped down between clients to make sure everyone stays healthy. Any liquids or creams are placed onto a stainless steel palette to avoid any cross contamination between clients.

If a legitimate allergy is presented, I do allow the client to bring unopened, new makeup but I will not use any used or open makeup or client tools such as brushes, etc. If a client does bring makeup for an allergy, I do not guarantee that it will jive with my other products or have the same longevity.

Q: When should I book a makeup artist?

The average timeframe to book your artist is between 10-12 months minimum prior to your date. The sooner the better is always a good rule of thumb so you can ensure your desired artist who fits your needs has your date open. Forgot to book an artist? Contact me to find out if I have availability in the books for your date! It never hurts to reach out as we do get last minute cancellations, etc.

Q: How do I secure my wedding date?

Bookings are scheduled on a first come, first served basis and only for clients who have returned a signed contract and non-refundable retainer fee of 50% of the total amount of services. I've made it super easy for you and everything is digital and can be completed right from your phone! 


For any events booked within 4 weeks of the contracted date, the full amount will be due at the time of signing the contract. K Charles Beauty will not notify prospective clients who have previously inquired about another client inquiring about the same date. 

Q: Do you do bridal party makeup as well?

I do have a minimum of bride + 3 (or the dollar equivalent) to secure wedding bookings. I always urge bridal parties to have their makeup professionally done as well so the entire bridal party looks cohesive in photos.

Q: Do you perform a bridal preview?

Yes! I perform a bridal trial for all of my bridal clients as it is built into the bride's total cost. I want you to feel like you're in good hands and have no worries or unwelcome surprises on the day of your wedding! I typically prefer to book the trial about 30-60 days prior to the wedding date but can do them as early as a client would like. A trial should ideally be performed in the same season as your wedding so you know how the makeup will wear in similar weather.

Q: How long does a bridal preview take?

I schedule trials for approximately 1 - 1.5 hours so we can sit down and have a chat about all of your "day of" details that will influence your makeup style while you sip on a cold beverage from the client bar. Plan to come in a nice outfit with your hair done (even better if you can schedule your hair trial for the same day) so you can get a more accurate picture of your entire bridal look.

Q: What do I need to bring to my bridal preview?

I always ask my clients to come to the trial with some inspiration photos, preferably from my portfolio. I will take a look at your inspirations and keep things realistic for you as many photos on socials are heavily filtered and unrealistic expectations of what makeup can accomplish. My clients are also welcome to bring photos of looks that they don't like so I can get a clear picture of your likes and dislikes in a makeup look.

Q: Do you makeup for other events?

I do! Although weddings are my main focus, I also provide makeup for photoshoots (family, senior, engagement, etc.) and boudoir. Boudoir photography is the only event where I provide light hair services such as curling or straightening. A majority of services outside of bridal and boudoir will be performed at my studio.

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