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Other than knowing how to slay my own face every day (even though I look like a sewer person most days), I'd like to share a few reasons I love my job. It's not often you hear people say they love their job but I can say with a genuine heart that I absolutely love being a professional makeup artist, even though a lot more goes into it than most people think. So, let's do the damn thing and get to this list!

1. I get to make people feel good! Every time I hand a client the mirror, it never fails that their face lights up with joy and I get the unmistakeable "Oh my god!"

I want my clients to realize their true beauty and makeup can be a powerful tool to get there. I don't cake on the makeup. I use your natural features and minimal makeup to keep my clients fresh, beautiful and most of all, comfortable and confident.

2. People invite me to create their bridal look. For a lot of people, their wedding is the most important day of their lives and I love getting to be a part of that.

From the first point of contact to the day of, I'm with you as your bridal beauty spirit guide. We go through all of your desires when it comes to your bridal look on the day of your trial and bring it to life to give you a preview of how great you'll look on your wedding day.

3. I constantly get to experiment with makeup. The only positive thing about social media besides staying connected with friends is the sheer amount of inspiration at your fingertips. It's easy to get stuck in a rut when bridal makeup is your main focus as most people want something relatively the same look.

One of my goals for 2020 is to branch out into more editorial beauty to flex my creativity and try new things. I'm constantly scouring the internet for cool new makeup products that I can showcase and recommend to my clients!

Thinking about becoming a makeup artist? Although it looks glamorous, don't be fooled. Being a professional makeup artist is a LOT of work. You have to constantly keep learning and pushing yourself to remain relevant in a world full of Insta-hoes. You need to be on trend but not so trendy that you date stamp all of your clients by giving every one of them a cut-crease and thick black winged liner. You also need to stay on top of insurance and sanitation to keep yourself and your clients safe and healthy. There's a lot of investment that goes into being a professional makeup artist which is why we're an investment our clients want to make on their most important days.

Still interested in becoming a professional makeup artist? Reach out to an artist in your area that you've been interacting with that has work you admire. A lot of us are available to hire for consultation and business coaching and accept junior artists as assistants/apprentices when time allows. My biggest word of advice is not to approach an artist and expect specific advice for free. Everyone works hard to get to any stage they're at in life and nobody with the "secret sauce" is willing to give it away ;) Everyone has to put in the work to climb the ladder and there are people along the way who will help you up to the next step!




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