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Let's Get Lit

How many times have you put your makeup on in the house only to walk outside to your car to find a huge line of demarcation between your face and neck? Shit! Your foundation looks as orange as the Screaming Cheeto president!

The biggest piece of advice I have for anyone who uses makeup, professionally or not, is to have good lighting! Lighting in the home can vary from warm to cool to downright green.

Most of my clients are bridal which means we're getting ready in a hotel room or in Aunt Betty's living room. Neither of those options have the greatest lighting for makeup application. This is exactly why I bring The Makeup Light with me for all of my jobs.

Below is a comparison between natural light in front of a large window, fluorescent lighting and The Makeup Light. Hands down, natural and TML are both the best options for even, true-to-color lighting.

Notice how both the Natural Light and The Makeup Light photos are more evenly lit and the light is coming from directly in front of the face. That helps to evenly light the entire surface so you can ensure good color from all angles.

Now, look at the middle photo under fluorescent lighting. The light source is clearly above my head, casting dark shadows in my eyes, under my eyes, nose and chin; not to mention, my scarring is much more noticeable. There's also a slight green cast to the color of the light which, let's face it, isn't flattering unless you're trying to look corpse-y.

If you can't afford The Makeup Light (I wouldn't expect most people to just have one in their homes), sit yourself in front of the window in your bedroom and whip those shades open, honey! Natural light is your best friend and will always have your color lookin' right! - use code EVERYONE for 20% off for Black Friday


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