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Surviving a covid wedding

As a professional makeup artist, I've been one of the unlucky arenas that got hit hard by COVID-19. I'm sitting here looking at my books and watching my income sit at 1/3 of what I made last year is super disheartening. Makeup artists everywhere are constantly being undercut by salons and hobby artists that are very lax in their sanitation practices which is an even scarier thought, especially on the tail end of a pandemic.

Here are a few simple tips to survive a wedding during coronavirus!

--Hire true professionals for all of your vendors. Price shopping will only get you so far but it is paramount to ask vendors you'll be in close contact with (such as hair and makeup) what their sanitation practices are. Chances are, the cheaper the stylist, the cheaper the quality of makeup and a higher risk of infection.

--Limit the amount of people in the vicinity where you will be getting ready. Wedding mornings are already chaotic if too many people are crammed into a hotel room. The heat, the chatter, it will all get to you. Limiting the amount of people not only cuts down on drama but it limits the amount of germs floating around. If possible. have a separate room where hair and makeup will perform services and only those receiving the service are in the hotel room at that time.

--During this pandemic, wear a mask when you can. As a professional makeup artist, I totally get that you can't be wearing it during or after your makeup application but it will help to cut down on exposure for everyone around you if you wear a mask until it's your turn in the chair. We wear the mask for your protection and we ask that you do the same for us when you can.

--If you don't feel well, don't come. I hate to say it but with everything going on, the most selfish thing anyone can do is show up to an event when they're under the weather. It's best to take care of yourself and others by staying away.

If you have any questions about how to try to corona-proof your wedding morning, don't hesitate to reach out to your vendors. We're in the thick of it with you and will do anything we can to help ease the already stressful time that is your wedding day!


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